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We have two course on our site.  To register for a course,  please go to Course Library  and  then chose your course

Get well, Stay well

is for people living with long term health conditions and is a set of simple activities designed to support people to make changes in managing their day to day health.

Get Well, Stay Well introduces you to some ideas and skills to help manage your long-term health condition, whatever it is.  Get Well, Stay Well is not about medical information. It’s about dealing with day-to-day problems caused by poor health.

Core skills  in person centred care

is aimed at health and care staff who want to begin to explore using person centered tools and skills  in their daily practice.

This is designed to be accessed in short 5 minute chunks- its not designed to make you an expert – but to understand the tools and skills and hopefully encourage you to find out more

How connected are you?

A short questionnaire designed to look at how connected people are. Use it as a reflective tool or as community worker you may want to use it to measure the Collective Efficacy of Networks.

About our courses

Both our courses and supporting material are based on The Co-creating Health programme aimed to embed self-management support within mainstream health services across the UK and equip individuals and clinicians to work in partnership to achieve better outcomes. These have been updated based on evaluations and have gone on to form the basis of a range of courses and materials in use across different countries.

The programme focused on three equally important factors which determine how much individuals are able to play an active role in managing their own health:

    • Giving people with long-term conditions the skills, confidence and support to self manage.
    • Helping clinicians to develop the skills, knowledge and attitude to support and motivate people with long-term conditions.
    • Changing health systems so that they encourage and facilitate self management.

How can I register for a course?

To register for a course, visit the Course Library, choose your course, and enrol.

Who are CEmPaC?

CEmPaC is funded by Robert Bosch Stiftung and supported by EHFF. We are a non political, non profit network. We provide interactive information and training for patients, communities, health care professionals and policy makers.​

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