Course information

Course information

Get Well, Stay Well

Get Well, Stay Well introduces you to some new ideas and helps you to practice some new skills to help manage your long-term health condition, whatever it is. Other people like you who have done this have:

  • gained self confidence
  • become more active
  • returned to work
  • got better care
  • felt more positive about the future
  • felt less stress

We want to help you manage things to improve your daily life. Get Well, Stay Well is not about medical information. It’s about dealing with day-to-day problems caused by poor health.

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E learning for clinicians (under development)

This course introduces you  to core  skills to support self management in consultations. The activities can be done individually if you want to refresh your understanding and skills or you can work through as a course. The activities are based on the “three enablers” these are three core activities identified by the evidence based Co-Creating health advanced practitioner programme evaluated in the UK over six years. If you would like to explore further advanced skills for health coaching and becoming a health literate team or organisation please contact us to talk to us about training tailored to your needs

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