About Us

About Us

Centre for Empowering Patients and Communities

CEmPaC is a non-political, non-profit network. Our intention is to promote and develop the empowerment of patients and health professionals, and inform policymakers on the benefits of patients and health professionals working in partnership to improve health and healthcare.

All of our resource materials are free of charge. We also offer tailored training packages for patients and health professionals, an online resource of the evidence of impact of patient empowerment, and an ongoing series of webinars and a discussion forum.

We actively collaborate with partners to showcase their work, so if you would like us to include work that you are part of please do get in touch.

Who We Are

CEmPaC is hosted by the European Health Futures Forum (EHFF) and overseen by its Director Dr David Somekh. It is funded for three years by the Robert Bosch Foundation. Its Co-Directors are:

Jim Phillips

Jim Phillips has over twenty years’ experience in the design, development and implementation of approaches that enable empowerment. After training as a psychotherapist he focused on supporting people with long-term conditions to manage the impact of a health condition on their daily lives. He led the setup of the NHS Expert Patient Programme, and has worked with health organisations across Europe, the US and Australia. He has been involved in setting up peer support groups, campaigning for better care and advising policy makers on developing person-centred care approaches and has carried a patient case load as a health coach.

His portfolio has covered the implementation of a countywide integrated self-management service in England, and Director of the Quality Institute for Self-Management Education and Training. He has also been involved in the EMPATHiE project, is an Associate Director for the European Health Futures Forum and the European Network on Patient Empowerment (ENOPE), and is Associate Editor for the international journal SelfCare. As well as his role of Executive Director with CEmPaC, he also works part-time for NHS England in personalised care as well as sitting as expert advisor on a number of advisory boards.

In his spare time he does long distance endurance horse riding.

Contact: jim@cempac.org

Jeni Bremner

Jeni Bremner is an experienced policy maker, senior manager and CEO with over thirty years of experience at the local, national and European level. She is committed to the delivery of high-quality care with a focus on supporting people to enjoy and have purpose in their lives irrespective of age or disability. Professionally she works with large and small organisations across the public and private sectors supporting and enabling transformation change. She particularly enjoys working across boundaries, be they geographical, professional or organisational, and sees the energy that these exchanges can generate to improve services. A key interest is enabling systems to learn from the people they serve, to organise and work together to serve people well. At the heart of her work is a fundamental belief in the power of relationship to create change.

Contact: jeni@cempac.org

Emma Loftus

Emma Loftus is a qualitative researcher and writer specialising in organisational learning and the human process of change. Her work is underpinned by her experience and knowledge of living systems, systems thinking and the theories and practices of change. She provides support to national and international programmes of change, including health systems, local government, and commercial organisations.

Contact: emma@cempac.org


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